Jack White

Playing guitar since 1971, then starting on the fingerstyle route in 2002.

Although the bulk of Jack's musical experience centered on playing electric and pedal steel guitar in local bands, he developed an early appreciation for fingerstyle from  acoustic guitar artists such as Julian Bream, Leo Kottke, and Guy Van Duser.

He was also exposed to fingerstyle through fellow musician and one-time bandmate (now master luthier) John Buscarino. After a career change in the late 1980's (Jack currently practices law in Clearwater), Jack began looking to the acoustic guitar as a musical outlet.

After longtime friend and another former bandmate Terry Premru encouraged him to join the Guild, Jack eagerly accepted the opportunity to associate with the highly talented members of the Guild.

Jack's emerging acoustic style reflects his country and blues roots, while incorporating new techniques.

You are listening to 1 original composition by Jack White - "James Gets The Fish"
and one arrangement of a Grinderswitch song by Jack White - "Pickin The Blues"
and one Eric Johnson song - "Trademark"